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Administrative Department

Administrative Department

Various administrative support roles are crucial to Fastenal’s daily operations. In our distribution center, these positions include our Receptionists, Help Desk who perform stock checks, inventory auditing, and ensuring will-call product is accurate and on-time, as well as Administration, Training, and Environmental/Health/Safety jobs ensuring employees at the facility are onboarded efficiently while being provided effective training to perform jobs within the region safely.

At our headquarters in Winona, MN this includes Contract Compliance, Proposal Specialists, and Paralegals responsible for compliance research, contract review and administration. We also have General Counsel who provide advice on issues related to employment law, intellectual property, business transaction review, regulatory compliance and litigation. Various Data Research, International Globalization, Customer Service, and Quoting teams also maintain the administrative function.

Our facility in West Chester, OH operates like a call center, fielding and responding to phone calls from both customers and branches while troubleshooting technical solutions for our FAST vending machine offerings. Solutions Sales Coordinators, Analysts, and Trainers also assists with sales and reporting as well as providing trainings for end users.

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