Diversity at Fastenal

As a service-focused organization, we're dedicated to creating a diverse workforce that reflects our customer base and the world around us. We strongly value diversity and encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to apply for positions.  We're also looking for people to help us pursue Growth Through Customer Service® around the world. If you are from, or have business experience in, one of our international markets, please continue to check our job postings for opportunities in that country.

 Yorkson, Developer

“Now that I am in the US, I always like to jokingly tell people that I was manufactured in Taiwan, assembled in Canada, and now imported into the US. But how did I get to Winona? Through Fastenal of course! I joined Fastenal Canada when I was in my third year of university for Computing Science. I have never heard of Fastenal at that point until I found a recruitment post online and interviewed for the sales support position. I really enjoyed the people working at the branches and the flexibility that the company has to offer. I still remember the first time I sold a product to a customer, the first time I drove all the way to the country side to make a delivery, and the first time I stocked a vending machine. Of course, there are many more precious moments.

Just before I graduated from school, I was worried that I might not have a job like many other students. Fortunately, Fastenal has many IT positions! However, I was hesitant to join the IT department because all the positions are in Winona, Minnesota and I lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada! But being adventurous, I finally decided that the next chapter of my life will start in Winona! Now, I am part of an awesome team that solves problems with technologies. And I want to say that have made a good choice by coming here because there is never a dull moment here in Winona, Minnesota.”

Yorkson, Developer

Nicole, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager

“My Fastenal experience has been a privileged one. The success I’ve had has come from being prepared when opportunity presents itself. Through my experience with Fastenal I have been given many opportunities to grow professionally and personally by having the chance to explore different career paths within one company and being provided the training and coaching to do so. Being a part of a workforce with diverse backgrounds I’m able to take part in listening and sharing different experiences, exploring different work styles and collaborating on a wide variety of creative concepts.”

- NicoleEnvironmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager