Our focus on recruiting transitioning military personnel isn't just an act of appreciation or goodwill — it's a strategic decision to reach out to a group of skilled, service-oriented men and women who share our values and have proven to be a great fit for our company. We're proud that so many active military members, reservists, and veterans are currently serving with Fastenal.

With approximately 3,000 servicing locations, chances are we have part-time or full-time career opportunities near you, whether you're looking to relocate back to your home town or stay where you were stationed.

Jeremiah, Director of Product Development

“The culture (at Fastenal) plays a major role and everybody here has been really outstanding to work with; a hard working organization and team that focuses on the values of ambition, innovation, integrity, and teamwork - which helped me relate back to the Army Values. The overall culture has been that of just do what needs to be done, get the job done - and that again resonates with the motto of Mission First, People Always.”

-          Jeremiah, Director of Product Development

“As a retired 1SGT, I have a strong sense of pride and honor and am thankful for the opportunity I was given to serve this country. I am amazed at the goals I achieved, the contribution my fellow soldiers and I were able to make on foreign soil as well as domestically, and the education, skills and training that I was provided. I am grateful that I have been able to take what I've learned from the battleground into my career with Fastenal. At a young age the army taught me about fulfilling my ambitions and setting goals to get where I wanted to go in life. I learned early on that when I set a goal I could not give up. Once accomplished, I would set another one and so on. I learned to never settle for the ordinary but to always strive for an even higher goal. I took this to heart and over time attended college at night, in-between deployments, and obtained a degree with a 3.8 GPA. I soon realized the more goals I set, the higher the rewards both personally and professionally. I was humbled by being selected as the Non Commissioned Officer of the Year for the Pacific Command and eventually awarded the Legion of Merit.

The military showed me that the key to any missions success is leadership, teamwork and training. I've learned that by teaching others these qualities and allowing them to realize their full potential, I in turn will be successful. While these were invaluable tools for me during my military career, I believe that I have been able to use those skills as a Fastenal leader. I would like to thank Fastenal for giving me the opportunity to share those experiences I apply on a daily basis. As proud as I am to be a veteran, I am just as proud to be a member of the Blue Team®.”

-          David, Branch Operations Manager