Fastenal is unique because we typically do not employ students for only short-term/12-week internships. Instead, we would hire you into a paid, part-time job. Once employed, you may be eligible to earn internship credits throughout the duration of employment with your school/advisor's approval. This is why you will not see an “Internship” position on our job search; any part-time job in your area, related to your major, has internship opportunity.

Sales & Supply Chain Internship - Branch Locations

Responsibilities of our Sales & Supply Chain Internship include exposure to inside and outside sales, distribution, marketing, merchandising and procurement. The intern is assigned a career plan via our Fastenal School of Business virtual campus and is provided a mentor to meet with weekly.

What’s in it for you?

⬢ Develop transferable business skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and customer service - all while earning an income.

⬢ Be exposed to industrial distribution through a general understanding of Fastenal and its competitors.

⬢ Understand how Fastenal approaches sales growth through direct interaction with our customers (inside and outside sales).

⬢ Gain a working knowledge of how Fastenal’s distribution model adds to the overall success of the business.

⬢ Understand how Fastenal markets its products and services.

⬢ Prepare you for a full-time career opportunity within Fastenal.

How does the Sales & Supply Chain Internship work?

Step 1: Apply online for a part-time position at one of our branch locations: Sales Associate, Sales Support, Supply Chain Associate, or Customer Supply Chain Support.

Step 2: After you are hired, enroll in our 12 week structured experience through our Fastenal School of Business to fulfill your college or university’s requirements.

Step 3: Complete the internship and continue employment in a part-time position, or if graduating, advance to a full-time career.

Corporate HQ Education Program (Winona, MN)

Corporate HQ Education Program (Winona, MN)

The Cooperative Intern positions are open to Freshmen and Sophomore students attending Winona State University or Saint Mary’s University campuses in Winona, MN, near our headquarters location. The program involves exposure to varying aspects of our business, beginning with Distribution Center Operations. Students will then have the opportunity to rotate into various teams within Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Marketing, Product Development, Sales or Supply Chain. Each rotation lasts 7-9 months, and the entire experience lasts until graduation, at which point students are encouraged to pursue full-time opportunities anywhere within the company.

What’s in it for you?

⬢ Work a paid, part-time position with flexibility around your class schedule, breaks, and finals.

⬢ Receive personalized advising and mentoring while establishing a network of peers.
⬢ Participate in various professional networking and career readiness activities.
⬢ Develop the skills and knowledge applicable to future career goals.
⬢ Explore the career options related to academic work while verifying interest in those careers. 
⬢ Towards the latter portion of the internship, you are strategically placed into an environment in which you could see yourself full-time after graduation.

How does the Cooperative Education Program work?

Step 1: Apply on your school’s website for the Cooperative Intern position during the Fall or Spring Semester while applications are being accepted.

Step 2: You will gain valuable work experience and insight of Fastenal’s inner-workings, logistics, and processes by transitioning through multiple departments within Fastenal's Distribution Center and Corporate Office.

Step 3: Upon graduation, complete the program and continue advancing your employment by pursuing a full-time career.