Accounting and Finance

From our core team headquartered in Winona, MN, to roles around the world, we are always looking for people we can count on. Get it? Count on?

Anyway… This team handles compliance, analytics, and accounting operations. Regional roles cover Mexico, Europe, China, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. They monitor sales growth while performing financial and operational assessments within a particular geographic area.


As with any multi-billion dollar company, we have a lot of support roles. This can range from people performing stock checks at a distribution center to training roles that ensure employees receive proper onboarding.

A few examples: Specialists are responsible for compliance research and contract review. Other teams concentrate on quoting, customer service, and data research. Many roles assist with sales, reporting, and training end users.

Distribution & Warehouse

To successfully service our customers, we rely on an army of dedicated warehouse workers. These behind-the-scenes players make sure product moves throughout our distribution facilities.

Many “inbound” positions handle receiving, inventory, and quality control. The “outbound” team tackles picking, shipping, and sortation. Want flexibility? Most roles are part-time and offer a variety of work shifts with flexible start and end times. Learn more


Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a team with decades of experience developing and implementing custom eCommerce solutions? Well, here we are!

Working with many other teams, eCommerce specialists and analysts develop and execute sales plans. The goal is to drive productivity and sales growth for the 3,000 different Fastenal locations around the world.  This team identifies efficiencies, monitors accounts receivables, and conducts business reviews with internal stakeholders. In short, this role pairs unique technology with interesting work!

Human Resources

When you have 22,000 employees in the company, it takes a few different teams to keep things running. From questions on benefits and payroll to handling training and EEO/AA compliance, this group stays busy supporting our workforce.

Oh, and maybe you’ve noticed, but we think it’s very important to provide our workforce with career-long opportunities for professional education. That’s why we created the Fastenal School of Business. How’s it work? More than 50 instructors are regionally based to help employees in their development.

Information Technology (IT)

With teams in America, China, and India, this is a truly global department. They provide support to employees using company hardware and software, and they do it all while continually improving our business systems.

IT support analysts respond to immediate technical issues across the company. IT business analysts support, coordinate, and prioritize projects. Developers and programmers solve business problems and build new systems. Plus, we have deployment personnel in the field who implement new systems and enhancements at our branches and distribution centers. Learn more

Lean Solutions

Let’s say you’re in charge of a production facility. You make a bunch of Widget 2000s, but how can you make more? All it takes is a little help from the Lean Solutions team.

These Lean Six Sigma experts work closely with customers at their facilities to map how product moves through their system to identify bottlenecks, extra steps, and other sources of waste. Then they help solve issues that cause defects. They find ways to eliminate excess transportation. Basically, this is a team of amazing problem solvers.


Are you a maker? Well, here’s your chance to make your mark with our manufacturing team. We produce custom parts for lots of different industries. Plus, we offer on-the-job training, stable work, and exciting challenges.

Looking for even more? We got it covered. How about excellent benefits, compensation, and the opportunity for career advancement? Oh, one more thing! Several of our facilities partner with local technical schools to sponsor degrees in CNC machining, mechatronics, and/or industrial maintenance. Be sure to ask if any tuition reimbursement programs are available in your area! Learn more


Have big ideas? We LOVE big ideas! You should consider joining our marketing department if you like to conceptualize, organize, and execute creative campaigns. We’re always looking to elevate Fastenal’s brand and let customers know the true value of our products, services, and solutions.

Roles on this team include marketing specialists, multimedia experts, and even our own print and vinyl shop team!


Part of Fastenal’s original business plan in the ’60s was the idea of dispensing fasteners via custom vending machines. Well, it’s graduated from idea to reality.

Now, our industrial vending program relies on regional personnel as the experts in the field. They help thousands of customers reduce consumption and operate more efficiently. Plus, our technical support facility (based out of West Chester, OH) provides implementation and ongoing support for our client base.

Quality & Engineering

Since we make a lot of custom parts, we need to ensure they meet (and hopefully exceed) the expected standards. The quality assurance team is how we do that.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, they create and maintain the needed technical documents. But there’s more to manufacturing than meets the eye. That’s why we employ a team of engineers to help customers make sure a fastener will function properly. Because these experts know the science behind connections, they can suggest improvements and add value for customers.


Without a doubt, the heart and soul of Fastenal is our people. With thousands of locations around the world, we hire good people at the local level to make decisions that steer the course of our business.

Being part of the sales team means you can build strong relationships with customers while also offering superior service. New team members learn the basics by managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and assisting with inside and outside sales functions. Best of all, our B2B sales careers have flexible career options such as becoming a general manager or even a highly trained industry specialist.

Supply Chain

Simply put: We need intelligent people like you to work in the supply chain. Why? Others in our industry are focusing on web sales and remote warehouses. Not us. We are growing faster by moving closer to the customer.

With millions of products available, and because we’re a trusted supply chain partner, the career outlook is especially bright in this area. Examples of supply chain work are varied, but these positions advocate for small, diverse, and local businesses, manage product flow both domestically and internationally, and ensure the movement of product is efficient and as cost effective as possible.

Transportation & Logistics

As much as possible, we rely on ourselves to transport goods to customers. Our truck drivers operate the large Fastenal fleet of 200+ semis, 150+ sprinters, and 100+ straight trucks. Thanks to this team, we can move product faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.

Primarily working overnight shifts, freight deliveries are sent from our distribution centers to our company-owned branches before they open. Our logistics and fleet personnel are based out of our Winona, MN, headquarters. These roles handle routing and scheduling transport, coordinating transports with external carriers, administering truck sales promotions and paperwork, scheduling fleet maintenance, and more. Learn more

“The greatest resource in the world is the human individual, with each individual having enormous potential to do wonderful things.”
– Bob Kierlin, Fastenal Founder