Are You a Maker?

Make your mark with Fastenal Manufacturing, producing the custom parts that keep the wheels of industry turning. We offer on-the-job training, stable work, exciting challenges, excellent benefits and compensation, and opportunity for career advancement.

Career Opportunities: 

  • Entry-Level Machinist/Machinist*– Use the latest equipment to take customer orders from raw material to finished product. Once trained, our machinists own the entire process, from machine set-up and programming to final inspection and packaging.
  • Maintenance* –Maintain and repair equipment in the facility, as well as the facility itself, to drive productivity and safety.
  • Shipping/Receiving – Keep the cogs turning in our operation. Attention to detail and basic computer skills are the keys to starting the journey.
  • Heat Treatment/Coating Line Technician –Some of our facilities perform secondary processes such as heat treatment and coating, a great fit for hands-on learners looking to master high-demand skills.
  • Shop Assistant – A part-time role with flexible scheduling and diverse responsibilities. Depending on your skills, goals, and availability, daily tasks can include anything from operating a forklift to helping machinists with part inspection and packaging.
*Training Opportunities

Fastenal offers on-the-job training. In addition, several of our facilities partner with local technical schools to sponsor degrees in CNC machining, mechatronics, and/or industrial maintenance. During the interview, be sure to ask your local hiring manager if any tuition reimbursement programs are available in your area. Click here to learn more!

Are You More of a Numbers Person? 

We rely on a team of quoters, sales professionals, and support staff to estimate project costs and maintain lines of communication between the production shop and our customers. 

An understanding of the production process will provide a solid foundation for success in this department.   If you have a customer service background and are comfortable with basic math, we can train you on the rest!

Career Opportunities: 

  • Manufacturing Support (entry-level position) – Provide assistance in processing basic orders and maintaining contact with the customer.
  • Quoter/Estimator(inside sales position) – Complete cost estimations, procure the proper materials to produce the parts, and facilitate communication between the customer and the production floor.
  • Outside Sales– Work with customers at their sites to educate them about our manufacturing capabilities and help identify potential cost-saving solutions.

Do You Have an Eye for Detail? 

With safety-critical parts, there’s no room for error. That’s where our engineering, quality, and testing teams come into play. These individuals are developed to provide a vital service – ensuring the products we manufacture are consistent, conforming, and perfectly crafted for the customer’s application needs. In addition to driving quality with each project, they also drive continuous improvement to our quality program.

Career Opportunities: 

  • Quality Assurance– Maintain the Quality Management System within the facility, perform internal audits, address any customer concerns, implement system improvements, monitor goals and objectives, and communicate performance metrics to upper management.
  • Quality Control Inspectors– Perform dimensional inspections on safety-critical products, ensure conformance to customer requirements, assist production employees with proper inspection methods and techniques, use various types of precision measuring equipment such as laser vision systems and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).
  • Quality Engineering– Define detailed manufacturing processes, develop technical specifications for use in Fastenal Manufacturing’s heat treat and coating departments.
  • Laboratory Technicians– Use state-of-the-art equipment to perform destructive and non-destructive testing on finished fasteners and raw materials, ensure specified mechanical requirements have been met and that the finished product will perform as intended in its final application.

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